Stonerise Construction offers a full range of construction services in all types of development projects. With years of experience, from general contracting to construction management, we work with architects and engineers to develop and oversee the project to ensure an attractive, cost-effective product is delivered on time. Our construction services projects include commercial and residential construction throughout Southwestern Ontario.

Stonerise Construction has developed the skills, techniques, methods and expertise to meet demands in all types of building construction services. Our experience in these areas, coupled with our reputation in solving complex construction issues has lead us to become a known industry leader.

Our services include:

Stonerise Construction has enjoyed a long history of successful general contracting thanks to our skilled estimators, project managers, project coordinators, and site superintendents who are capable of quickly responding to project tenders with competitive bids that encompass the full scope of a project.   Our general contractors have a wide range of skills that allow us to look at each job from many different perspectives.  Our strength is taking complex projects and breaking them into manageable components, identifying potential problems and then designing and delivering appropriate solutions.  The core of our business is our ability to understand the needs of our clients and determine the services required to deliver the project as envisioned.  We offer true hands-on experience to clients and can often provide cost and schedule savings alternatives.

Stonerise Construction takes a very active role in the construction process.  As a general contractor, we provide overall supervision and coordination of your construction project.  Our expertise in construction methods, building envelopes, structure, and fire protection allow us to deliver a quality product. We’ll assemble a team of experienced tradespeople to provide all the material, labour, equipment, and service necessary for the construction project.  This may include applying for building permits, securing the property, providing temporary utilities on-site, managing personnel, site surveys, engineering, and monitoring budgets and schedules.

Stonerise Construction and our team of general contractors ensure a cost-effective approach while meeting the scope of the project.

Stonerise Construction employs licensed professionals and experienced contractors who work with clients to design and build their projects.  Our design-build team participates in the project design, which ensures we are familiar with all the project details well before construction begins.  Once we have identified the critical path and prepared a proactive construction schedule, we continue to work directly with the owner to assure the project is designed and built to its maximum potential.

All bidding for the project is completed after the design process and engineering decisions are made based on current market conditions.  Our clients enter into an agreement for the construction with no need to endure a lengthy bid process with numerous consultants.  Undertaking both the design and build phases of a project can speed up construction time, reduce costs, and ensure quality control from start to finish.  Owners manage one contract and are assured the of unified quality control, faster finishes, and serious cost savings.  In both residential and commercial sectors, our design-build clients recognize the significant benefits of this approach.

Site managers are involved before any site activity takes place and continue to oversee the entire project.  Construction starts while the project is fresh in everyone’s mind making it easier for our architects, engineers, and general contractors to remember why design decisions were made.  Ultimately, they understand the entire project and are less likely to submit change orders or further information that can delay or cause conflict during construction.

Managing the design-build project involves keeping within the timescale and budget, managing any delays or problems encountered onsite during construction, and managing quality control, health and safety checks, and inspections.  Our team will manage all aspects of communication with the client and all parties involved onsite.

Choosing Stonerise Construction for your commercial or residential project is a reliable way to achieve maximum value.

At Stonerise Construction our construction management team offers expertise on a wide range of large, small, and complex projects.  We not only understand the construction industry, but we are sensitive to its technological advances, regulatory environment and financial pressures.  We can assist you in planning the construction requirements for your project.   Our construction management services encompass projects of all sizes and the fee structure is based on the complexity of the project.

In providing construction management we can coordinate and control specific aspects of the construction of the project, ensuring strict adherence to schedule, budget, and quality.  In partnership with you, the owner, we employ specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from beginning to end.

Our construction management services may include preliminary planning, advise on schedules and budgets, construction methods, material selection, contract and financial administration, cost estimates, budget and schedule control, safety regulatory management, inspection services, and on-site supervision.  We will also arrange for and supervise all services and trades throughout the various phases of the work.  Our team provides you with maximum communication and minimum conflicts throughout the build.  Acting on your behalf, we control and manage all aspects of the build through centralized project control (one source) and responsibility throughout and up to the handover of the project.

All members of the Stonerise Construction management team are industry innovated thinkers, experienced, and committed to success.  We can help eliminate the unknown when undertaking a lengthy, large-scale, high-budget undertaking and put your project on the fast track to success.

Stonerise Construction provides construction project management based on the principle that we are an extension of our client.  Integration of project design and construction considerations provides a major opportunity for improving the delivery of your project.  Our project managers get involved early in planning the best approach.  We provide a seamless interface that allows you to make informed decisions through sound guidance and realistic targets.  We can help you understand ways to decrease capital costs, improve constructability, and deliver your project on time and within budget.

Stonerise Construction will review and provide input on the design requirements and tendering practices, so you may better understand the specifications of the commission.  In coordinating the services of architects, engineers, and other consultants we can ensure all regulatory requirements are addressed in the design phase.  We will review and provide input on the design requirements and tendering practices, so you may better understand and plan for the specifications of the commission.

Our construction expertise and technical resources can help you assess construction methods and materials and determine the best delivery methods to suit your scheduling and budgetary expectations.  We help you assemble a large multi-disciplinary team to execute the extremely complicated process of delivering a project to market.  Our team of professionals understands all aspects of permit procurement, tender preparation and management, construction supervision and inspections.  They can help guide you through consulting and construction contracts and oversee regulatory compliance.

Our leadership provides you with realistic planning, expert construction processes, and consistent attention to the project priorities.  Our construction project management experience can help you manage your project from design to delivery.

Stonerise Construction consulting services can provide advice on the construction quality and delivery expectations of your project.

Our construction consultants have years of experience in real estate development and construction services.  We provide independent evaluations on building systems, construction materials and methods and valuable knowledge of new technologies and approaches to building solutions.

As a respected member and neutral party of your project team, we can help facilitate the team through the extremely complicated process of delivering a project to market.   Working together we provide due diligence and objective consultation on your proposal or development plan.  A qualified construction consultant helps clarify upfront the project scope and team expectations.

Stonerise Construction consultants can monitor the progress and quality of a project while keeping overhead low.  This bottom-line decision is often a significant factor but more important is the experience and knowledge gained in bringing us on board.  Obtaining clear design upfront, before any construction starts and establishing a protocol for communications throughout the project is critical to a project’s success.  By maintaining frequent and consistent reporting and communication, our process ensures that everybody remains focused on task and keeps the project on schedule.  We create a comfort level for all parties involved.

Stonerise Construction recognizes the value of a construction consultant to improve both the construction quality and delivery.

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